Build you own FreeNAS home server and gain exceptional functionality.

During the last year I have had a FreeNAS system  90 % completed sitting in a corner of my house.   As  FreeNAS 8.3.x  branch got released I realised that now is the time to get it finished.   So I did.    I also wrote down  what  I built together in the hope that it could  guide some other people that likes to tinker with hardware.

Link to PDF document detailing my FreeNAS system build.



Om Lars Tunkrans

I was born in Gothenburg/Sweden at the very end of the 1950:ties Moved to Stockholm 1983 looking for a serious computer job and got one. Worked with pre-PC microcomputers in the 1980:ties. Then UNIX for the last 20 years. Lately VIrtualisation seems to be what we all tinker with.
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