Presentation on virtualizing Solaris Workloads on SPARC T4 servers.

 Lately  I have been working  on Virtualizing  Solaris workloads  on to SPARC T4 servers.  The attached presentation  is an attempt to summarize  lessons learned  from several attempts to ”get it right” .  Its also an attempt to paint the big picture of the environment thats needed outside the  SPARC T4 servers to enable as flexible use as possible of the Virtual Solaris Machine.

Here is the presentation.

Virtualization on Solaris-Sparc

Om Lars Tunkrans

I was born in Gothenburg/Sweden at the very end of the 1950:ties Moved to Stockholm 1983 looking for a serious computer job and got one. Worked with pre-PC microcomputers in the 1980:ties. Then UNIX for the last 20 years. Lately VIrtualisation seems to be what we all tinker with.
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